Denis Twerenbold
aesculus I
video, 33:51 min

In the video work aesculus I  the branch of a chestnut tree is used to visualize a fluorecent phenomena. 
The bark of this tree contains a substance called Aesculin. Once put in water this substance begins to flow out of the branch and starts to glow bluish in the dark under UV-light. The video is not slowed down and it shows the movement of the substance in real time. This tree is very common in Zurich and when I came across this experiment a couple years ago I was immediately fascinated by it’s presence. I was so irritated and I started to question my relationship and my approach towards other living forms. This simple shift in visibility and understanding interests me the most in the field of art.

video stills, aesculus I

Installation  view, 2021
Benzeholz - Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Fotocredit: Ralph Kühne